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Randy Barrett's 1967 Dodge Charger - 451 Twin Turbo Stroker Motor

 My car is a 1967 Dodge Charger. Originally a 383 2v w/727 auto car, I purchased it from a salvage yards "saveable" lot in 1990. The car underwent a "restification" over the next four years. During that time it received a 440 4v.
Wanting to address some of the cars perceived shortcomings, I built a 451 stroker motor with EFI, eight coil wasted spark ignition, and twin turbos. Behind the engine I installed a Viper T-56 manual transmission. The current focus is on trying to update the suspension to allow the car to enjoy more than straight lines.

I have taken the car on the Hot Rod Power Tour Long Haul 3 times since getting the current drivetrain up and running. A dyno visit showed 729 RWHP and 711 RWTQ, followed by 18 MPG on the return trip. The car is easy to live with, and I try to drive it as much as possible from the spring until the fall.

I purchased the Rapid Line software during the planning and building stages of the drivetrain. I created a file for the car that initially was used primarily for engine/fuel system/drive train planning, but has seen information filled into a variety of other parameters recently.

Initially I used the software to save me from having to manually calculate everything over when I wanted to see what a small change would make. While I still use that ability, I also like how those same small changes, can be seen to affect many other parameters. I have always liked how the software covers such a broad area. It is not just an engine simulator, or a chassis calculator, but rather all those things and more.

These pictures were taken by Hot Rod editor Elana Scherr during the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour. I was very fortunate to have her ride with me from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Thanks, Randy Barrett