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Thomas Papesh
Rapid Line Industries Inc.
455 North Ottawa St
Joliet, IL 60432 USA

Dear Thomas:

On behalf of the Cal State Fullerton Mini-Baja team it is my pleasure to express our gratitude for the help that you and your company have supplied this year's team to complete this project successfully and in a timely manner. It is thanks to you and others that decided to help out in any way that they could, that has helped the team build this year's Baja in a timely manner and within our budget constraints. Rapid Line's help was essential to the completion of our Baja for the competition that took place May 8th thru the 10th in Provo, Utah.

It was thanks to our hard work and your contribution to the project that we were able to accomplish what we did this year. The project was a complete success.

We hope that this year's team has either started or continued a working relationship with your company for the sake of future the Cal State Fullerton engineering program. Please accept our gratitude and appreciation for your help. As a result we have included this picture of the CSUF Mini-Baja and the team that put it together. Once again, thank you very much for your help to the Cal State Fullerton Mini-Baja team.

Tony Quiroz
CSUF Mini-Baja Team Captain

800 N. State college blvd fullerton/california 92834-9480
Phone: 714.278.3014 Fax: 714.278.3876