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Automotive Software Products
Laurie Ann Toupin, Associate Editor

Pick of the Issue

Design & Racecar software

Hands down, this is my favorite product for this issue. The software almost makes me want to change jobs from writing to designing racecars! Rapid Line SoftwareTM for Windows, an automotive design and racing software suite, uses the power of personal computers and more than ten years of research and development to give users a vehicle design tool that calculates, simulates, and compares a broad range of automotive performance-related data.

The interactive program covers engine, chassis, suspension, and performance so users can find the optimum setup or design via computer modeling rather than expensive, time-consuming trial and error.

The program addresses electric vehicles, cars for road racing, circle track, or drag. Users need a PC running Windows. The company claims that an on-line manual makes the program easy to use and serves as a good teaching tool.
Reprint courtesy Design News