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Rapid LIne Industries, Inc.
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Marquette University
With the New Year, we have retired last year's car and have stored it away.  The production of the new car is well under its way. From last years car we know the areas that we need to make improvements.  Rapid Line Software allows us to make major improvements from the previous year, especially in the areas of suspension and gearing.   Rapid Line Software is helping us change the areas that were weaknesses into strengths.
 "The Old Car"

Rapid Line Software and equipment has been extremely valuable in the areas of not only suspension and gearing but for engine modeling, sizing fuel injection, top speed calculations, and resolving the power band by changing the gearing for maximum performance. The program helped us design our new suspension system.  This system is completely redesigned from previous years.  By being able to basically build a model of the suspension on the Rapid Line Software, we are able to check our manual calculations and hypothesize with the values generated from the program.
"The New Car"
The Suspension System and Frame Design:

The Rapid Line Software enabled us to calculate optimum gearing based on information obtained from the graphed data of shift points and data tables of gear ratios without turning a wrench.  This is also true with other systems of the car.  The Rapid Line Software helped us develop a computerized version of the car and allow us to test different systems and devise a configuration for the best performance. 
Rapid Line Software is beneficial to our team by giving us accurate calculations from the data entered, saving us many hours of planning time. 

Thank you from all of the Marquette University SAE Team