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The brainchild of Jim Holloway, Mothers Polish Chevelle sports a LSX 454 GM crate engine with a Magnuson supercharger and GM 90mm throttle body, and is a test bed for alternative fuel. Holloway's out-of-the-box thinking has created some very cool rides and the Mothers Polish Propane Chevelle is no exception.

It may look like a 1970 Chevelle on the outside, but under the skin it is a brand new vehicle. From the lightweight tube chassis to the full independent rocker suspension; the chassis and propane powered drive train can just as well sport supercar bodywork.

Chief Engineer "Johnny O" Omundson designed the chassis for this innovative marvel that incorporates a re-designed body and interior.  Propane Edge Group provided the propane injection components for the build.

Thomas Papesh of Rapid Line Industries, Inc. teamed with Mothers Polish and Omundson on the build.  Omundson, a long time customer, used the Rapid Line Software and Rapid Line Design Bench to complete the car form start to finish.

According to Omundson, the Rapid Line Design Bench enabled them to design and build the Chevelle, while ensuring a high level of precision. "The Rapid Line Design Bench along with the 3D computerized measuring system," explains Omundson.  "Allows us to confirm the accuracy of all X, Y and Z measurements at any point on the car."

In comparing the system with old non-adjustable flat-type plate technology, Omundson cites the patented RL-7000 for its flexibility, adaptability and mobility.  "We're a fairly small shop, so there aren't a lot of extra hands.  In many cases, I am putting the pieces together and adjusting the fixtures by myself....which is no problem with the design bench."  Omundson adds that he is unaware of any design system that offers XYZ adjustable fixtures or a similar level of creativity, precision and flexibility.  In his words: "It will build just about anything."

The design bench represents the latest collaborative effort of Omundson and Rapid Line Industries.  However, Omundson points out that the relationship between the two companies initially began when he incorporated Rapid Line's software, a computer-aided design/simulation/racing software package, into his concept car and suspension development program.

With the Rapid Line Software, "...we are able to make changes to the drive train and suspension geometry, and then see how those changes affect the rest of the chassis. Once I have the desired outcome, I use Rapid Line Software for the next step, hard parts design. I interact results from Rapid Line Software for manufacturing drawings and hard parts development," explains Omundson.
Rapid Line Industries, Inc. has an impressive history of providing specialized products for the automotive industry.  In addition to the Rapid Line Design bench currently being used by automotive designers/ manufacturers, racecar builders and repair facilities around the globe, the company also markets the Rapid Line software tool for calculating and simulating engine, chassis and suspension design and development. 

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